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If yes, then submit your meme and in this meme contest and prove it!

Why are we even doing

Divisor in collaboration with Comdex is organising this meme competition, with the aim to take ﹩CMDX to the moon🌙  just like this happy doge🐕.

Bruh! but what is Comdex?

Comdex is a Fully Interoperable Synthetics Protocol.

Comdex’s synthetics protocol unlocks access to a vast set of commodity debt assets and liquidity, making the flow of capital from DeFi to CeFi seamless.

Know more about Comdex from here.

A Fully Interoperable Synthetics Protocol

Synthetic Assets

Derivatives of a range of financial assets

Synthetics Exchange

AMM for the exchange of synthetic assets


On-chain representations of real-world assets


Access to finance through collateralised debt

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Smash that red button and enter into the world of memes!

That's Really cool, What will I be getting?🤑

Being a participant in this competition you’ll be eligible to get $CMDX Tokens.💸